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We are starting the Berlin Center for Individualist Thought (BCIT) to spread the freedom-loving perspective on philosophical, societal, economic, and political issues within the city of Berlin, but also in the rest of Germany and Western Europe. 


The BCIT is a non-profit organization (gUG, i.G.) aiming to influence the intellectual climate through seminars, campaigns, and commentary.  


BCIT wants to break the traditional left/right binary that exists in public intellectual discussions in Germany, and the monopoly that far-left ideas currently seem to hold on intellectual discussions in the city of Berlin. 


The history of Berlin is a good reminder of the horrors of authoritarianism, and of the value of embracing individual freedom. This includes the embrace of tolerance and acceptance, but also the embrace of a free-market system, as opposed to failed collectivist state-run economic models, such as the one that ruled over former East Germany. 


We believe these two components - personal and economic freedom - cannot be separated. Berlin is tolerant, it is diverse, it is accepting, and it is capitalistic. The difference is that the latter seems to be under attack more and more. 

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